Welcome to the Fresh Perception Blog

This Blog is the melting pot of mind and heart. We believe our true Self lies somewhere in the delicate balance between the pulls of our heart and brilliance of our mind. Here you will be not be assaulted with jargon and dogma but rather opening up animated questions that are at the centre of our rich and complex 21st century life.

Through the lens of socioeconomic culture, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and mindfulness-based research, this Blog bridges the gap between theory and practice. By asking: "how do I practically apply the rich body of knowledge to my daily living?", we unpick the challenges faced, relaying our findings in a fresh new way that will embolden you to live fearlessly in your pursuit of happiness and freedom. By thoughtfully delving into the mysteries of our human condition, we reflect upon and apply our wise understanding; which heightens our awareness; which enables us to respond creatively; which contributes to long-lasting happiness and subsequently frees us from the shackles that bind us.

This Blog is dedicated to employing guidance on themes prevalent to our current climate in pursuit of spiritual knowledge, and, subsequently a better understanding of our Self. We offer you tips and tricks proven most effective in navigating the muddy waters of this life.

Author Hope Bastine

As the founder of Fresh Perception and a wellbeing professional, I am devoted to the pursuit of our 'higher self'. I have made it my personal mission to grow from the challenges life presents and it has been somewhat of an art integrating personal experience with research and theory affecting into practice. This Blog is a result of that integration.

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