Hack Creative Innovation


Hack Creative Innovation


Find FLOW and get in the ZONE with this creativity innovation course that will get you thinking outside the box and coming up with great ideas.

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Mindfulness for Creative Innovation

Enter flow, think outside the box, brainstorm with a new duel injection, release the stress barriers that block your flow with mindfulness meditation.

Groundbreaking neuroscience research has debunked the myths surrounding the mechanisms of a creative mind! Brain-imaging technology has uncovered the secret to enhanced creative ‘flow’. Flow is the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task - a strong contributor to creativity. Brain-balance harmony is key. For our left and right brain to function in synergy the brain must be in a harmonised stated. Research has shown that a mindfulness practice rapidly induces the brain harmonising effect that triggers creative 'flow'*.

Our Mindfulness for Creative Innovation Course will have you thinking outside of the box in no time. If you're a creative professional looking to develop those 'aha!' moments or you're simply looking to further develop your ability to create innovative products/ideas this is the course for you!

This Course is delivered in four intensive, two hours sessions. You can take the programme over the course of four weeks in two hour-long sessions, fortnightly in four hours, or in a day’s training.  This Programme covers four themes in four weeks:

1. Session One: Adapt – How calm the blizzard of thoughts and find clarity of mind!

2. Session Two: Create – How to enhance divergent thinking, improve your memory, and access your intuition!

3. Session Three: Resilience – How to develop effective teamwork, leadership, and charisma!

4. Session Four: Insight – How to think and perform like a great writer, artist, creative, philosopher, scientist, and a business leader!

*This programme is a favourite for organisations that work in IT, coding, marketing, design, film, writing and creative of any field