Articles in Press

Wellbeing expert, Hope Bastine, is interviewed in Psychologies Magazine, Top Santè, My Weekly, The Daily Telegraph, and PR Week

Emma Watson Psychologies magazine Hope Bastine Mindfulness Desk Detox

The Desk Detox

Sharron Brennan of Psychologies Magazine interviews Mindfulness expert, Hope Bastine, on the her top 5 Desk Detox tips. Check out her tips here

Say No to DNAgeing

Sharron Brennan of Top Santé interviews Mindfulness expert, Hope Bastine, on how regular meditation actually changes your DNA and prevents aging. Check it out here

PR and the Athena Doctrine

Lisa Moore of PR Week interviews psychologist, Hope Bastine, on the strengths of feminine thinking styles in the world of business and PR. Check it our here

"...after taking part in just a 1-hour session where we discussed the growing importance of mindfulness within modern life..." Milly Edgerley

Portfolio Projects 

Frankie and Wayne Bridge were challenged by Marella Cruises to go to Norway on the Marella Discovery. The Bridges are watched closely by psychologist, Hope Bastine on their new Itinerary which, involves Health and Well being on a Marella Cruise.