Heard the hype? Don't want to miss out but not sure if your team will take to it?

This One hour 'taster' session is the first step to introducing a Mindful culture to your working environment. Deep within London's ultra-competitive workplace is an elite subculture of accomplished leaders who are discovering the business sense of a mindful workforce. Keen to mind-hack, these elite are following the research trail illuminating this brain-training benefits taking their team to the future. Here's how they're doing it!

In this single hour your brain will never be the same again. You'll discover:

  • What is Mindfulness? Understanding what mindfulness means in our current economic climate and the theory behind it.

  • How Mindfulness benefits the workforce? See who is making use of mindfulness in the corporate world and what they're saying the research shows.

  • The Neuroscience of Mindfulness. Mindfulness at work is no longer a 'soft' science. See inside the mind of a mediator and how to get happy.

  • A selection of Mindfulness techniques. Walk away from this seminar equipped with a handful of tools for a range of situations such as my popular 'Movie of the Mind' and the three-step breathing space.

  • Practical tips on how to carve our your space. See what's out there get advice on the best Apps, accessible books, blogs, and drop-in classes.

  • Questions and Answers. Unpick some of the challenges faced with these new techniques and get evidence-based ideas on how to navigate them.

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How it works:

1.     Get in touch to discuss dates and bespoke requirements

2.     We’ll need a projector, clicker, and screen for slides

3.     Schedule in 1 hour for your team

4.     If the room is large and more than 40 people, well need a mic

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