Healthy Eating

Mindful Healthy Eating Workshop London
Mindful Healthy Eating Workshop London

Healthy Eating


Discover the the science, tools, and techniques to hack healthy eating with mindful awareness.

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This Mindful Eating workshop shares with you the science, tools, and techniques to help you eat more mindfully - and with greater awareness.

Training in mindful eating and diabetes self-management facilitate improvement in dietary intake, modest weight loss, and glycemic control.

~ The Journal of Academic Nutrition and Diet, 2012

Practising mindful eating can transform a meal. By eating with more awareness, flavours, tastes and textures will be enhanced, leaving you feeling fuller and more satisfied. Participants will practice mindful eating with a practical exercise and snack.

The take aways: 

  1. Understand what is mindfulness and how it relates to eating behaviours

  2. Be introduced to the Brain-Gut Connection

  3. Be introduced to the research supporting Mindful eating as one of the most effecting weight management interventions

  4. Experience a mindful eating exercise

  5. Given practical applications and take home tips

If you’re keen to break unhealthy habits and wake up the sensory pleasure of taste, then this workshop is for you…

How it works:

  • Get in touch to discuss dates and bespoke requirement

  • We’ll need a projector, clicker, and screen for slides

  • Schedule in 1 hour for your team

  • If the room is large and more than 40 people, well need a mic