Building Positive Relationships

The art of conversation
The art of conversation

Building Positive Relationships


Get on the same page! Learn the newest listening and speaking skills that will make your clients coming back for more!

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Mindfulness gives us the ability to respond wisely instead of reacting emotionally.  With practice, in mindful communication we develop the capacity to tune into our own feelings that arise during exchanges, express ourselves more authentically and develop the ability to give others the space to communicate without imposing our own expectations. This way, we can meet each other in a more satisfying field of communication and have exchanges with openness, acceptance and kindness. In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Ground speech in basic guidelines for mindful communication

  • Develop an understanding of your own patterns of communication

  • Enhance your mindful listening abilities

  • Strengthen your ability to stay present and be more skilful in challenging situations

  • Have more meaningful and satisfying encounters with people.