Mindful Workplace Intro


Mindful Workplace Intro


Join The Quiet Revolution! Find out what Mindfulness is, how it works, & why reduces your work stress. Discover how to be calm achiever in this Introduction.

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Find out what Mindfulness is and how if can help reduce your work stress. Get started with this Introductory session. In this 90min taster class you'll be introduced to the principles of mindfulness and some of the scientific research that supports it's effectiveness. You'll then practice 2-3 meditation practices, such as the body scan, the mindfulness of breathing practice and a '3 step breathing space' practice, learning how they can improve and enhance your professional and personal life and how to implement them in to your routine.

How it works:

1.     Get in touch to discuss dates and bespoke requirements

2.     We’ll need a projector, clicker, and screen for slides

3.     Schedule in 1 hour for your team

4.     If the room is large and more than 40 people, well need a mic