Sleep Well, Live Well


Sleep Well, Live Well


Join the Sleep Revolution! Discover the mysteries that govern the night, understand sleep science, and improve sleep quality with this tip-based intro

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Sleep is the foundation of all health and wellbeing and the key to reducing your blood pressure, heart rate, and improving your mood. In this series of workshops, you'll discover the tips and techniques that will improve your quality of sleep and life.

This 90 minute workshop is lead by mindfulness and Sleep Psychology Expert, Hope Bastine. She will share the neuroscience behind sleep, as well as techniques and practices for a better nights sleep.

  • An insight into the workings of your sleep cycle.

  • Sleep-inducing lifestyle and curating your dream menu

  • Stress-busting practices to help you switch off and sleep which include optimising your ideal sleep ritual and decorating your bedroom for optimal sleep.

  • Meditation is the best sleep - A guided sleep meditation, which will be available for audio download following the workshop.



Other Workshops Include:

  1. The Science of Sleep: Demystify sleep and address misconceptions by understanding what happens to your brain and body during sleep.

  2. From Comfort to Calm: Discover decorating tips and tricks to transform your bedroom into a sleep haven

  3. Beditate: cultivating a sleep ritual is key to a good night's sleep

  4. Challenging the Sleep Thief to a Duel: Explore evidence-based techniques to identify your sleep-promoting weapon of choice!