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Digital Detox Workshop London

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Is Appsturbating, FOMO, and Nomophobia keeping you up at night? Here's how to tap out…

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Suffering from FOMO? Is furiously Appsturbating keeping you up at night? Concerned your Nomophobia is controlling your health, wellbeing, and productivity? Here's how to tap out…

87% of employees complain that technology prevents them from 'switching off' outside of work hours.

~ CIPD Health & Wellbeing at Work Survey, 2018

Our smartphone overuse and dependency has become a ‘full blown epidemic’. The Royal Society for Public Health found that young people were most likely to feel depressed and lonely after using the Instagram app, and, a recent study by University College London found a link between high Instagram use and the eating disorder orthorexia nervosa. This growing body of research strongly indicates social media is a contributing factor towards increasing levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness, our attachment to our screens is also disrupting our productivity, sleep and relationships.

In 60-minutes this workshop will tackle the following topics, this 60 minute workshop will help you take control of technology, ensuring it enhances, rather than hinders your ‘real life’ off screen:

  • Share the neuroscience and physiological effects of the impact of too much screen time

  • Understand how the beta frequency emitted from blue screens activates the body's stress response, and impairs working memory.

  • Understand how Social Media is highly addictive and changes your brain for the worst

  • Consider ways to engage the prefrontal cortex, retrain yourself, and make technology work for you instead of control you

  • Take home tools and tips to help cultivate more conscious and mindful smartphone use.

If you panic when you’re without your mobile, this session is for you…

How it works:

  1. Get in touch to discuss dates and bespoke requirements

  2. We’ll need a projector, clicker, and screen for slides

  3. Schedule in 1 hour for your team

  4. If the room is large and more than 40 people, well need a mic