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Beditate | Your Ritual Guide To A Mindful Night’s Sleep

Join Mindful Sleep Expert, Hope Bastine in discovering the benefits of the Pre-Sleep Ritual. Hope is the resident sleep expert for Simba and SOMNEX and contributes to a number of media and journal articles on the science behind the practice of getting good sleep.

This unique experience begins with a brief introduction into the 3-step ritual method and why it's a proven technique for banishing busy-bed-head syndrome. We will then indulge in the 6 Yin Yoga Poses that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, before settling the mind with a few writing techniques and finishing off with a guided sleep meditation.

Bring a journal or notebook and wear comfortable attire (PJs if you like!), mats and props provided.

What To Expect:

Doors Open: 7:15pm

Workshop Starts: 7:30pm

  1. A 30 min discussion on the science behind the method

  2. 30 min of Yindulgence

  3. 10 min writing exercise

  4. 30 min deep sleep Meditation

Workshop Finishes: 9:10pm

Q&A: 9:10-9:30pm

How To Book:

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